Sit Down With Swapcard's CTO To Talk Tech in 2022

Back when it was sunny and perfect in Paris, we had the chance to speak with Swapcard’s CTO Ronan Guiho. He sat down with Mia Masson, Swapcard’s Head of Content, to talk about his six-year journey with the company.

“It's all about balance, but that's more difficult than you might think.”

Ronan Guiho, Swapcard CTO

From start-up to scale-up, Ronan shares his favorite aspects of Swapcard’s technology. With idyllic Paris as the backdrop, he discusses his top tips to make the most of Swapcard’s platform, including his favorite features.  

You can watch the full interview video here

Want to see what Ronan and his team have built? Get in touch with a member of our team so they can walk you through the end-to-end solution Swapcard provides for events and communities.

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