Event App: Get Strategic about Events for Your Start-up

Start-up culture is filled to the brim with start up events catering to it. Everything from huge conferences to tiny workshop opportunities, its easy to get sideswept into attending start up events that waste your time and don’t serve the purpose you intended.  The aim with using events as part of a start up strategy […]

13 Free Tools to Simplify Being an Event Planner

  I think you’ll agree when we say that being an event planner is one of the most demanding roles going when it comes to multitasking. Event organizers need to maintain excellent co-operation with team members and external organizations, the research and communication demands as well as being able to problem solve anywhere, anytime. So how […]

5 Actionable Event App Tips to Boost Usage Rates

65% of all the time spent online is now occurring through mobile. Apps and mobile are slowly but surely eclipsing desktop. For those of you familiar with using an event app and meeting apps generally this is unlikely to be shocking news to you. Regardless but it probably leaves you still sighing in frustration over […]

11 Ways You’re Networking Wrong

Real life networking is still the best way to really improve your career and projects. But as with anything, there’s an art to it.  Networking should never be mistaken for simply socialising with others in your industry. You need to be at once personable and strategic. Making clear goals for yourself and your business is […]

How to Effectively Facilitate a Workshop [Slideshare]

Facilitating a workshop is one of those things that people assume is really easy. How hard can it be to just get a room full of people to talk right? Wrong. Group facilitation is hard, facilitating it well is even harder. Applying workshop group facilitation best practices means being actively aware of the people in your […]

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