Event App: Get Strategic about Events for Your Start-up

Start-up culture is filled to the brim with start up events catering to it. Everything from huge conferences to tiny workshop opportunities, its easy to get sideswept into attending start up events that waste your time and don’t serve the purpose you intended.  The aim with using events as part of a start up strategy […]

5 Actionable Event App Tips to Boost Usage Rates

65% of all the time spent online is now occurring through mobile. Apps and mobile are slowly but surely eclipsing desktop. For those of you familiar with using an event app and meeting apps generally this is unlikely to be shocking news to you. Regardless but it probably leaves you still sighing in frustration over […]

4 Tools for More Creative Events

The success of an event turns on how innovative it is. Attendees set aside time and money to attend, they expect to see creative events. Maintaining that level of creative thinking over time isn’t easy. It’s not a case of ideas simply appearing from thin air and suddenly turning into polished, well designed event concepts. […]