4 Tools for More Creative Events

The success of an event turns on how innovative it is. Attendees set aside time and money to attend, they expect to see creative events.

Maintaining that level of creative thinking over time isn’t easy. It’s not a case of ideas simply appearing from thin air and suddenly turning into polished, well designed event concepts. Innovative and creative events are often the result of a significant amount of research.


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1. Evernote

Evernote has always been one of the largest note taking apps out there. Its likely that you’ve used it for one project or another already, but if you haven’t you should give it a try.

At its most basic level, Evernote simply organises notes into notebooks as you would with paper notes. However they are one of the best tools out there for incorporating new features on a regular basis.

Integrated audio notes, a strong search tool and the ability to add handwritten notes (which can also be searched as a normal note) make Evernote one of the best tools for cataloguing your ideas. Its web clipping tool also makes it easy to keep the interesting ideas you find in one place.

creative events - evernote


2. Pocket

Its often said that writers should read widely to improve. I think this can be expanded to most creative endeavours. Most of the ideas you will have for creative events are likely to be inspired by something else you saw first.

However! Its often hard to find time to read as many materials as we’d like.

If you commute to work, wifi or even mobile data might be difficult to use, so an app like Pocketis perfect. Pocket lets you save articles you find to read offline later, making it easier to keep on top of your favorite content.

creative events - pocket


3. Feedly/Inoreader

On a similar note to Pocket, RSS readers are not a new concept, but they’re still really useful. By adding an RSS feed of all your favorite blogs to a program like Feedly or Inoreader (note: the former does not allow free sharing of lists but the latter does, which could be relevant if you are part of a team).

These tools let you view all of your favorite blogs and sites at once in one window, saving you potentially hours of scrolling through them individually. Missing out on important articles need never be an issue again.

Feedly is a great choice if you want to start building a collection as it has a great tool for searching by interest.


4. Behance

Behance lets you look at the portfolios of undiscovered inventors and creatives around the world. Either as a way to find talented individuals to build your event or as a way to spark your own ideas, Behance is a beautifully designed app worth investigating.

creative events - behance



  • brynninthecity

    Thanks for this reminder that sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics – these tools are readily available to everyone but so few use them!

    • Elaine

      Very true! There are so many great free tools out there that can really compete with their paid competitors. :)

  • Thanks for sharing this article. Event planning, as hectic as the profession gets, sometimes leads to uninspired professionals. Knowing where to draw inspiration from free tools could be a game-changer. As an event professional myself, I always try to make use of all available resources in the internet. Ideas have the power to inspire and prod someone back into motion, after all. Knowing where to get the ideas — and streamlining these tools — is the first step to a more successful year. Cheers.

    • Elaine

      Thanks so much for such positive feedback! I completely agree, finding places to get ideas is half the battle. Keep an eye out, we’ve some other guides to tools like this in the works which could also be of interest :)