Indoor geolocation : the future of networking ?

As an event organizer, the main question you may find yourself asking is ‘How do I provide a great experience for attendees while ensuring an excellent ROI for my exhibitors?’. The advent of technology has ensured that you have a myriad of options for determining the metrics of who attended your event and why but this does little to impact your event in real time.

We’d like to introduce a new service that could push your event to the next level: indoor geolocation.

Events are all about human interaction

As easy as it can be to add someone on LinkedIn, human interactions are still incredibly powerful and explain the event industry’s constant growth. Professional events are fantastic places for people to expand their business and meet peers. Unsurprisingly, attendee surveys reveal that networking is one of the most important reasons why participants attend events.

Ultimately, the driving force of an event are the people attending it and event organizers need to shift their focus accordingly. This shift has fortunately occurred at the same time as an unprecedented increase not just in networking mobile services but in the proliferation of smartphones.

Apps are now a mainstay of large events and provide a direct line into the minds of everyone attending. Geolocation technologies are the next step in intelligent networking – linking your attendees in real time to the people they want to meet.


So, how does it work?

Classic geolocation works thanks to a GPS signal, which while great for using outdoors using large landmarks (and assuming you don’t wander anywhere with poor cell coverage), leaves a lot to be desired once you go indoors. Classic geolocation simply can’t handle the complexity of an event space.

Geolocation technology works on the basis of beacons which are a tiny, inexpensive piece of hardware which can be easily attached to a wall or ceiling. Using a Bluetooth Low Energy Signal the beacon can accurately position attendees within a small indoor space.

This has benefits both for attendees, who can now access new networking possibilities and also for exhibitors who can utilize the technology for contextual messages and local advertisements.

Mobile applications have become a must-have for every kind of event, from trade-shows, conferences, to meetups and internal company events and are the perfect asset to digitize your event experience


Networking FOMO – How Indoor Geolocation makes Networking More Efficient and Worthwhile

“Succeeding in business is all about making the right connections”

Richard Branson

Generally speaking, networking is not an experience known for its efficiency.  At best, you have stressful and awkward speed-networking events where your attendees meet a large number of people vaguely related to their field of interest. At worst, your attendees make the majority of their connections at the bar – which while more enjoyable does not result in relevant and useful connections specific to the attendee’s professional needs.

Attendees often leave networking events with vague sense of ‘Who didn’t I meet?’. Now indoor geolocation offers the answer to this problem – your attendees can see who is around them, make strategic and efficient networking choices and ultimately leave your event happier.


Think Geolocation is Right for your Next Event?

Despite the adoption problems we observed (during ICA Breakthrough Night), we’re convinced that indoor positioning is a perfect solution for at least tech-oriented professional events. Indoor geolocation is a great solution if you want to offer your attendees a cutting edge way to make the most of your event.  Seeing contacts nearby is a dynamic and fun feature and it can quickly turn into a game for your attendees to find specific people.If you want more information about our indoor positioning solutions that Swapcard can provide, contact me using my Swapcard below.