4 Tools for More Creative Events

The success of an event turns on how innovative it is. Attendees set aside time and money to attend, they expect to see creative events. Maintaining that level of creative thinking over time isn’t easy. It’s not a case of ideas simply appearing from thin air and suddenly turning into polished, well designed event concepts. […]

Five 2017 Food Trends Not to Miss at Your Next Event

Food has emerged as something of a dual function element of large events in recent years. Instagrammable food has become a genre in and of itself, with presentation becoming nearly (if not more important) than taste. Putting a little research into 2017 food trends and what vendors you choose could be a route towards a […]

mobile event app

What Type of Event App is Right for You?

North of 80% of events had some form of event app in 2016, and this is only set to rise in 2017. The main drive behind the use of event apps is significantly improved attendee engagement. Event apps provide a simple, concise means of conveying important event information like maps, agendas and speaker bios. Events […]

How to Live Stream An Event Using Social Media

Publicizing events is not easy anymore. People are already flooded with endless amounts of content (a term which has subsumed everything from cat videos to long-reads to live stream riots). Carving out even a few seconds of your desired audience is not easy. You have lots of options as to how to live stream an event, […]

Revolution @ Work

  8 & 9 December 2016 – Cœur Défense Join us to create and imagine the future of work on 8 and 9 December in Coeur Défense with an event bringing together more thant 2,000 decision makers and innovators. “Doing” will be the key word of Revolution@Work program, through an experiential journey and exclusives collaborative […]

Why Your Event Registration Isn’t Working

Event Registration is the Bane of Most Event Organizer’s Lives It is probably the most important part of your event, when it comes down to it. You won’t have an event if nobody turns up. However, there are some easy ways to boost the number of people getting to your online event registration page and […]

Event Goodie Bags: Dos and Don’ts

While of course the major attraction of your event is the amazing line up of speakers and activities, who doesn’t love free stuff? Event goodie bags let you show you’ve gone the extra mile to make your attendees happy. When done well it also can provide some great longer term marketing opportunities. Good swag bag […]

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