5 best conferences 2016 to inspire your next event

Event organizers are always looking for new inspiration to give their next event a wow factor. The best place to look for new ideas, tech and design? Other events, big and small. Obviously no-one can attend them all so we’ve rounded up a few highlights from the best conferences 2016 that you can use to inspire your next event.

Specifically, we’ve sorted the events by which problem the event solved in a new or interesting way. So if you’re looking for a novel way to cut costs but stay edgy, or to incorporate new forms of design or media, here’s where to start.


Best Conferences 2016 – Sustainability


Google I/O

Google I/O, Google’s developer conference celebrated its tenth anniversary this year and really made an effort to set itself apart from the other big tech marquee events and certainly ranks as a best conferences 2016

By using recycled materials like corrugated metal and recycled material ,they created a laid back and visually unique space that could be converted from a day to night space. This allowed them to hold two nighttime events – a concert with Charlie XCX and Kygo as well as an after hours party, all for the same price as one entertainment feature the previous year.

Google I/O is a great event to look to if you want to  create visually interesting and eco friendly spaces that give a new spin on an established event


Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

This conference focuses on eco-friendly building materials and their legacy project is something which any organiser should think about replicating. Large conferences tend to be inconvenient for cities due to the extra strain on public transport and other resources.

In response, Greenbuild picks one project each year that will leave a lasting positive impact on the communtiy. In 2016, it was building an educational facility on the subject of recycled materials. In 2015, they set up an ‘Urban Food Studio’ in connection with a local community garden. Even if your event is much smaller, a legacy project is likely to improve attendee experience by helping them feel as if they contributed to the world at large.

Best Conferences 2016 – Attendee Engagement


The Future of Storytelling Festival

This elite conference puts a real emphasis on getting attendees into the centre of the action rather than remaining spectators, and is one to watch among the best conferences 2016. It brings together leaders from the worlds of media, technology, communications, and design to the evolving technological of storytelling. The most recent edition of the conference featured an impressively complex virtual reality playground but was careful to stay out of the realm of gimmick by placing equal focus on performers, music and event design


TED Vancouver

Ever masters of attendee engagement, this edition of TED Talks was no different. Between google cardboard viewers, ball-pits and a particularly impressive installment from Delta Airlines designed to emulate the night sky, the conference really outdid itself in terms of creative engagement centrepieces. From a networking perspective, one of the most interesting choices was an indoor picnic area where attendees were given baskets of food for six.


Best Conferences 2016 – Event Design

C2 Montreal

C2 Montreal 2016 had only a small goal – to completely reinvent the business conference. By teaming up with Cirque de Soleil they created a conference experience that their competitors will struggle to emulate in ingenuity and boldness. They created a number of attendee engagements such as a Zen Garden, live performance and another activation on trust and co-operation invited attendees to walk beneath a false canopy of precipitation. A strong emphasis on creativity, transparency and co-operation gave this conference a unique atmopshere which was reflected well in its design


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