These Experts Share Exclusive Insight Into Event Tech Post-COVID

Adopt to Adapt: Technologies to Take You Further with KiKi L'Italien, Community Engagement Expert, Association Chat | Tecker International; Corbin Ball, Meetings Technology Speaker, Consultant, and Writer, Corbin Ball and Co; and Stephan Forseilles, CTO, Easyfairs.

Technology evolves just as quickly as our needs as event planners. As we are forced to adapt to industry changes, we can rely on technology to support us. Experts in Technology and Events, Corbin and Stephan, weigh in to help us find solutions in technology, moderated by Kiki L'Italien, in this on-demand session which took place during Evolve: The Virtual Event for Planners and is available for streaming on the Evolve platform.

Kiki jumps right in asking Corbin and Stephan how long the COVID-19 impact will last in the industry, which makes for some interesting debates. They discuss the most relevant event technologies for a post-pandemic world and broach the question of gaining attendee trust. Corbin and Stephan have some notable views on how technology can help the trust between attendees and organizers.

The trio also discusses which aspects the events industry needs to work on to become more sustainable and the controversial question of why there are suddenly so many online event companies! You don't want to miss this insightful debate.


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Watch the full interview

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