7 Steps to Going Hybrid: Your Free Handbook

Studies show that close to 70% of event planners are organizing hybrid events in 2021.

But a little over 30% of them do not have a clear idea of what a hybrid event actually is.

To clear up the confusion, we’ve created this handbook to help you visualize and design a successful hybrid experience.

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Published in April, Swapcard’s Hybrid is Now report revealed that close to 75% of event organizers are currently planning hybrid events for 2021 and 2022. Only 5% are planning all in-person events, and 11.5% are sticking to virtual-only. 

Hybrid is often referred to as “the best of both worlds” or “the bridge between online and on-site” or even “the future of events.” Although the pandemic may have accelerated virtual innovation out of necessity, it turns out that there are actually many benefits to an event going hybrid! 

Hybrid events present event planners with the opportunity to use the same content to engage both an online and an on-site audience, increase networking opportunities with a larger combined audience, and build a foundation to create a 365-day community.

All of the benefits of going hybrid sound great in theory, but what does it mean in practice? That’s where our hybrid event design handbook comes in.

How does this handbook work?  

We have laid out 7 aspects to consider when designing a hybrid event.

What you’ll discover:

  • How to design content for maximum engagement
  • What to consider when building a communications & marketing plan
  • The different factors when designing onsite and online attendee experiences
  • Why turning your event into a 365-day community is the most effective tool


We’ve made sure to make this handbook easy to understand and follow along. Download it, share it with your team, and get ready to make your next hybrid event a success! 


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