Launching Swapcard Go: A New Check-in Solution for Easy Event Setup

Swapcard, a leader in event technology, introduces Swapcard Go, revolutionizing on-site check-in for small and mid-sized events. Swapcard Go is the latest release in a series of registration upgrades. It enables event organizers to set up check-in and badge printing in less than one hour, eliminating the need for extensive staffing and complicated logistics.

Previously, on-site event check-in and badge printing posed challenges for small event organizers, involving staffing costs and complex hardware setup. Available with all Swapcard registration modules, Swapcard Go bundles event hardware and software, streamlining the entire process into a user-friendly box.

Swapcard Go includes badge printers, iPads & stands, internet routers, and more, ensuring that organizers can set up self-serve check-in. The user-friendly solution allows event organizers to unbox the Swapcard Go package, follow simple setup instructions, and efficiently deliver a professional-looking check-in experience.

Swapcard Go's flexibility is evident in its customizable options. Organizers can choose the box size based on attendee volume and personalize the selection with add-ons such as lanyards and custom badges. While Swapcard Go is designed for easy self-serve setup, organizers also have the option to include on-site technical support if required.

"At Swapcard, we believe in democratizing quality event solutions globally, and accessible registration is a key piece of the puzzle. We are very proud to introduce Swapcard Go, a game-changer for event organizers, especially those managing events with limited resources. Swapcard Go empowers them to set up on-site check-in and badge printing quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, no matter where their event is," said Godefroy des Francs, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Swapcard.

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Bhavya Sharma
Bhavya Sharma

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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