Leading German Expo Organizer Chooses Swapcard

In a significant development for the event industry, a premier German exhibition organizer has selected Swapcard, an event engagement platform, as its official partner. This strategic collaboration represents a significant leap forward in digitalizing events, leveraging event technology to centralize and streamline every aspect of their events.

Given the rise of competition among exhibition organizers globally and the critical role of exhibitions in the German economy, Messes are increasingly understanding the importance of modernizing the way they organize events.

This modernization is crucial to maintaining their competitive advantage in the exhibition industry. Industry leaders are recognizing the urgency and necessity of this digital transformation, which further emphasizes the importance of collecting behavioral data onsite to improve event engagement and lead generation.

Swapcard’s easy-to-use platform will enable this leading organizer to operate from a single source of truth, ensuring that all data and interactions are centrally managed and easily accessible. This approach will significantly enhance decision-making processes and operational efficiency.

Swapcard's end-to-end capabilities were a critical factor in this decision. The platform offers:

  • Streamlined Registration: Simplify the process for attendees and exhibitors alike.
  • AI-driven Matchmaking & Networking: Foster connections and engagement among attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.
  • Innovative Exhibitor Portal: Empower exhibitors to generate qualified leads and maximize ROI.
  • Community Engagement Tools: Keep attendees connected and excited before, during, and after the event.

GDPR-compliant lead generation functionality was a critical element for the selection. Swapcard's compliant lead scanning features enable secure data management and personalized interactions between exhibitors and attendees.

This partnership extends beyond exceptional experiences. Swapcard’s platform offers diverse monetization opportunities, including advertising, sponsorships, and detailed analytics, to maximize return on investment for both the organizer and exhibitors.

"Our partnership with this leading German expo organizer is not just about providing technology solutions; it's about reshaping how the event industry operates, making events more interactive, efficient, and measurable. This collaboration reflects the German market's ambition to remain at the forefront of the exhibition industry, paving the way for a future where digital transformation becomes a fundamental aspect of event management," said Baptiste Boulard, CEO of Swapcard.

Committed to exceptional service, Swapcard will provide onsite support and a dedicated service team to assist in event setup, management, and post-event activities, ensuring a smooth and enriched event experience.

This strategic alliance redefines event management standards and positions the German exhibition leader at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies and tailored solutions from Swapcard, ensuring a future-proof approach to engaging and managing large-scale events.

Bhavya Sharma
Bhavya Sharma

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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