Let’s Talk Personal Branding

30 Nov, 2021 | Expert Opinions Let’s Talk Personal Branding

John Pistotti joins us to share his insight on personal branding and how social media can be a positive tool in your branding arsenal.

Eventprofs are a very active bunch on social media. It’s common knowledge that networking and engaging on social channels can boost your chances of getting more business and being seen as an industry expert in this field. John Pistotti, Account Executive at Swapcard, sat down with Anna Mirsalari, Copywriter at Swapcard, to talk about personal branding and how to approach social media in a positive way to build your brand.

“Have the vulnerability to actually be a real human being, and not just be a polished commercial or a sales pitch.”

John Pistotti, Account Executive at Swapcard

You may have seen John Pistotti and his famous suit jackets on social media during his highly enjoyable “Coffee Quotes.” We talk to the man behind the jackets and learn loads about building a personal brand. He shares why it’s important to be authentic, how to approach social media with a positive attitude, and the importance of experimenting with different types of content.

You can watch the full interview video here.

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Written By: Annahita Mirsalari