Navigating Parenthood As a Remote Worker at Swapcard

Balancing the demands of a career with the joys and challenges of parenthood has always been a delicate dance. With the shift to remote work, this balancing act has taken on new considerations.

At Swapcard, we recognize how tough it can be to balance work and family life. That's why we've adapted our approach to give you the support you need - when you need it.

Get ready to hear from Swapcard parents firsthand and see how we're all about making remote work work for families.

Insights from Working Parents

Swapcard understands the importance of supporting parents in their professional and personal lives. Our commitment is reflected in the benefits we offer, including comprehensive parental leave and a workplace culture built on trust and understanding.

With a growing number of parents in our ranks, we've asked three Swapcardians, Alicia, Alienor, and Paul, to share their experience of what life as a parent is like at a remote-friendly company such as Swapcard.

Alicia's Story

Meet Alicia Baling, our People Business Partner. During her remote onboarding process, Alicia decided to relocate from Paris to Lisbon with her two kids, aged 5 and 4 months.

Alicia faced the daunting challenge of managing a relocation to a foreign country, integrating her daughter into a new school, and adapting to a new language— all with a breastfeeding newborn. The flexibility offered by Swapcard allowed her to manage the transition as smoothly as possible.

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No more commuting meant she could drop off and pick up her kids from school, cook healthy meals during lunch breaks, and even squeeze in regular gym sessions. Nights were reserved for additional work or emergencies, ensuring a smoother start the next day.

Crucial to Alicia's success was Swapcard's emphasis on organization and trust. Meeting targets and earning a promotion reflected not only her dedication but also the supportive environment cultivated within the People team. Despite initially being the sole parent in the team, Alicia never felt excluded, thanks to Swapcard's inclusive culture.

As time passed, Alicia saw a shift. She was no longer the only parent in the company; the community had grown! You can really feel the camaraderie in the #Parent-Club Slack channel. Alicia's always there, trading stories and hacks with fellow remote-working parents!

Alicia's adventure at Swapcard showcases how working parents can nail the work-life shuffle in the remote world with the support of the right company.

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Paul's Story

Paul Perardel, a Customer Implementation Manager in our Services team, joined Swapcard from Chile. Working remotely while being a father to 9-month-old Pedro presented initial challenges. With the help of a trusted nanny, Paul seamlessly juggles his roles as a dad and a CIM. Paul commends Swapcard for providing the space, freedom, and understanding needed to balance parenting and work.

Swapcard_Navigating Parenthood As a Remote Worker_Paul QuoteOne of the secret ingredients that make being a parent at Swapcard so special is the freedom granted to navigate the unique challenges that come with parenthood. Whether it's adjusting work hours to fit around your kid's schedule or having flexible parental leave policies for days when someone's feeling unwell, the emphasis is always on supporting each other through the parenting journey.

In this corner of the professional world, being a parent is recognized, celebrated, and fully embraced as an integral part of one's identity and experience. Everyone's on board to make your experience as a working parent as smooth and supported as possible.

Swapcard_Navigating Parenthood As a Remote Worker_Paul Remote Parent

Alienor's Story

Aliénor, a Customer Success Team Lead in the Services Department, lives in Paris and joined the company in October 2019. Aliénor's journey at Swapcard took an exciting turn when she announced that she was expecting— a first since Swapcard was founded.

Swapcard's schedule flexibility meant that she could attend all medical visits and still smash it in her role. And when the baby came, she made the most of the 5-month fully paid maternity leave before returning to work.

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Today, as a working mom at Swapcard, Aliénor's all about the remote work life. The biggest difference comes from other Swapcardians who not only understand the juggling act of parenthood but actively contribute to making it an easy ride.

Dealing with the ups and downs of parenting, Aliénor shares moments where she had to interrupt her workday to be there for her child, and each time, she felt an unwavering support system from her team and manager. 

Remote Work Tips from Working Parents 

  1. Stick to a schedule: create a daily routine that includes set working hours, breaks, workouts, and family time. Share your schedule with your partner to manage expectations and minimize interruptions. Alicia uses a simple template on her personal Google Calendar. On her professional calendar, she also lets her team members know when she has to attend school events or take the dog to the vet. Transparency is key!

  2. Have a designated workspace: set up a dedicated area in your home for work, away from distractions. In his first weeks working fully remotely, Paul enjoyed personalizing his workspace with items that made him feel both comfortable and productive.

  3. Take the time for your family: Even if you are working, you are also at home. If you have small children, they may struggle to understand why you can't spend time with them, despite being at home. Try to answer when they call you, and spend lunchtime together so they can enjoy your company now and then. Of course, if you have an important meeting or subject to work on, try to book a coworking space, so you can focus. 

Remember, being a working parent isn't always going to be easy, but having a flexible company that really embraces the challenges of parenthood makes all the difference!

Through initiatives such as remote work options, flexible scheduling, and personalized support programs, Swapcard allows all its employees to thrive, both professionally and personally.

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