Nothing Like Meeting Happy Clients Face-to-Face! IMEX Encounters

Bob Chain, Strategic Account Manager at Swapcard, was lucky enough to bump into one of his favorite clients, MaryTherese Gallagher from Ansys, onsite at the recent IMEX America 2021. She came to say "Hi!" at the Swapcard booth and the two couldn't stop chatting about everything they'd been through together over the past months.

Bob asked MaryTherese how they transitioned to virtual and plan to marry the virtual and in-person aspects of their events going forward. Watch the short video to see her answers!

"We'd never done virtual prior to Covid. Having strong partners on the platform side helped us execute those initiatives and help us identify what we were trying to do." - MaryTherese Gallagher

As Bob mentioned in the video, you should check out the Evolve Community if you haven't already. It's the coolest place for eventprofs to hang out, meet like-minded people and learn together!

Ansys trusted Swapcard with going virtual and now going hybrid.

And you should, too.

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