5 Ways To Power Your Event With Swapcard AI

Artificial Intelligence’s (AI's) expansion has made waves across industries, introducing smarter solutions for complex tasks. But when it comes to events, AI's potential remains largely untapped. We've seen many AI tools popping up, but not many are custom-made for eventprofs.

Swapcard, an AI-powered event and community platform, is designed to maximize lead generation, increase revenue, and nurture your audience all year long. 

Here are the five ways you can use Swapcard’s AI features to create your best event yet!

Swapcard_Power Your Event With Swapcard AI_Engagement, Experience and Leads

1. Exhibitor & Content Recommendations

Tailormade experiences focus on each individual's preferences and needs. This increases attendee satisfaction and engagement, for a memorable and impactful event.

Personalization is what takes your event from good to unforgettable.

Swapcard’s AI algorithm recommends exhibitors to attendees. The feature ensures attendees easily find exhibitors they wish to connect with, amplifying exhibitor visibility and revenue. It also makes it easier for them to explore products, services, giveaways, and exclusive offers at your event. 

Attendees can fine-tune suggestions by updating their profiles or indicating preferences, which helps the AI serve up even more personalized suggestions.

A second way Swapcard uses AI to offer a personalized experience for attendees is through tailored content recommendations. With events becoming content hubs, organizers must ensure that attendees access the most relevant and valuable sessions, workshops, and keynotes aligned with their interests and professional needs.

Events offering AI-recommended sessions often receive higher levels of engagement and registrations. At Europe's leading digital marketing & tech event, Swapcard recorded 52% of attendees attending an AI-recommended session.

How do Swapcad’s AI recommendations work?

Swapcard-AI analyzes attendee profiles and their app interactions to generate personalized recommendations.

Swapcard_Power Your Event With Swapcard AI_Recommendations

But there’s more…

2. AI-driven matchmaking 

A key reason people attend trade shows is for networking opportunities. A global survey by Harvard Business Review revealed that 95% of professionals consider face-to-face interactions essential for successful business relationships.

With Swapcard’s AI matchmaking, attendees no longer have to wait until doors open to start meeting the right people. They can be intentional about the professionals they want to meet and spend time with, which means every second spent at the event will be meaningful and rewarding. The result? Attendees that come back year after year.

Once registered, Swapcard’s AI pairs individuals based on shared goals, interests, and expertise, fostering meaningful connections.

AI-driven attendee recommendations appear within carousels and include brief texts in user profiles, highlighting shared interests with matched users. The goal is to match people and highlight shared interests so that they meet and know what to talk about.
This feature is a lifesaver for all, particularly neurodivergent participants who may struggle with awkward intros or prolonged small talk. Remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to making your event more inclusive and accessible.

How does Swapcad’s AI matchmaking work?

Swapcard_Power Your Event With Swapcard AI_Matchmaking

*Organizers can enable or disable all recommendations (content and networking included) to manage attendee experience at their event.

3. Automated meetings

At large exhibitions, connecting with the right people can feel like mission impossible. Most attendees try to navigate this by scheduling meetings before event day. But this manual process can still be a real pain when considering everyone's existing schedules, session registrations, and venue availability.

Swapcard’s AI Smart Meeting Generator simplifies this complexity by automating one-on-one meeting creation, allowing your attendees to spend less time stressing over schedules and more time building meaningful connections.

Swapcard_Power Your Event With Swapcard AI_Smart Meeting Generator

How does Swapcard’s AI Smart Meeting Generator work?

Swapcard’s AI Smart Meeting Generator utilizes attendee data and preferences to create an optimized schedule automatically for attendees. Each user receives a personalized schedule based on their profile information, ensuring relevant and valuable connections are made.

4. Closed Captions 

The use of video content in events is steadily increasing, spanning both physical and virtual gatherings. As events grow in global reach, language differences, accents, and diverse linguistic backgrounds can pose challenges, even for English-speaking attendees. Inclusivity and accessibility have become essential considerations in these scenarios.

To enhance session participation and engagement, organizers should offer closed captions at live sessions and on pre-recorded videos. Swapcard seamlessly integrates with leading AI tools, providing natural language processing with closed captions for live sessions and videos. 

Swapcard_Power Your Event With Swapcard AI_Closed Captions

This integration ensures a more inclusive event experience, accommodating diverse linguistic backgrounds and contributing to increased engagement among attendees.

Studies have shown that closed captions not only boost engagement but also improve audience retention, highlighting their importance in enhancing the viewer experience. Additionally, statistics indicate that individuals prefer content in their native language when given the choice.

5. AI-powered data retrieval

Most of us wouldn't dream of manually transcribing entire texts when we have voice-to-text tools readily available today. So, why should the standard be any different for recording lead data at your event?

If you’re tired of manual data retrieval, Swapcard’s AI-powered badge-scanning feature is going to be your new best friend. Swapcard’s badge scanner uses computer vision (AI technology) to recognize and extract information from business cards and other supported text or image files.

Basically, the phone "reads" the business card and puts the information in the right placeholders. Instead of entering attendee information manually, the AI does it for you. By automating this task, organizers and exhibitors save precious time and can avoid manual processing errors.

Coming soon: AI-Generated Session Descriptions

AI is developing at a rate like never before. There’s a lot to look forward to, but we’re excited to give you an exclusive sneak peek of an exciting feature that’s scheduled for release very soon - AI-generated session descriptions.

Swapcard_Power Your Event With Swapcard AI_Product Roadmap

Very soon, you’ll be able to use Swapcard to generate session descriptions using keywords. For a truly personalized description, you have the choice to select the tone of voice of your session description (friendly or formal), and the length of the session description. This AI feature will save you time by speeding up the creation of personalized session descriptions.

Case study - AI On The Show Floor

Swapcard_Power Your Event With Swapcard AI_ChangeNOW Marie Suduca

ChangeNOW is the world’s largest event for the planet. As a hybrid event, ChangeNOW was looking for a solution that would provide a seamless networking experience for both on-site and online attendees. 

Last year, they used Swapcard AI to enhance the networking experience for 33,000+ in-person attendees and 30,000+ online ones. Swapcard’s AI-powered app and platform provided both audiences with advanced networking capabilities. 

The results? 8,500 connections made, 20,000 messages exchanged, and 11,000+ meetings scheduled - all in 3 days.

Interested in how you can maximize your event impact using the power of AI?

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