Authentic Client Reviews Bring Swapcard 24 G2 Winter Badges

As we approach the new year, we’re appreciative of what we’ve accomplished alongside our communities, our clients, and our industry. It is thanks to all of you that the events industry is where it is today after a few chaotic years. 

We've been actively listening to our clients, and in the Fall of 2022, we heard from them through customer reviews on G2 when we were awarded with 20 G2 Badges. Based on software rankings on G2, these badges not only represent our growth in the market, but also our clients’ honest feedback, which is why they mean so much to us.

Our top badges included Leader Fall 2022, Leader Europe Fall 2022, and Highest User Adoption on Virtual Events Platforms for Enterprise. 

Since then, we've been working on their feedback with frequent updates to our product and for Winter 2023, we surpassed our recent company milestone when we were awarded 24 G2 Badges! Out of those 24, 14 of them were Leader badges including Event Management Platforms, Event Registration & Ticketing, and Mobile Event Apps. 
We want to highlight three of our newest badges that we're most excited about: Fastest Implementation, Easiest Admin, and Best Est. ROI. The feedback has been overwhelming, and we wanted to share our favorite reviews that best correspond to the badges. 


Fastest Implementation

Fastest ImplementationEditEventNetworkingandMatchmaking_FastestImplementation_Mid-Market_GoLiveTime


Easiest Admin

Easiest AdminEdit-1EventNetworkingandMatchmaking_EasiestAdmin_Mid-Market_EaseOfAdmin

Best Est. ROI

Best Est. ROIEdit-1MobileEventApps_BestEstimatedROI_Mid-Market_Roi


It truly motivates our team to work even harder and continually improve our platform when we hear such authentic and transparent feedback directly from our community of clients and trusted partners. We can’t wait to unveil some of the incredible updates we’ve got planned for 2023 that will help make our clients’ lives even faster, easier, and better. When you're ready to boost the ROI of your event, come see Swapcard in action.

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