The Secrets of Swapcard's Remote Onboarding

Remote work has become a highly sought-after "perk" for many companies, but for Swapcard, it's long been a non-negotiable that contributes to a more flexible, diverse, and inclusive work environment.

The first key component to a unified company culture across geographical distances is onboarding. Keep reading to discover how Swapcard's innovative remote onboarding process sets the stage for success in a dispersed workforce

Onboarding serves as the cornerstone for building trust, fostering collaboration, and accelerating the integration of new members into the team. By emphasizing effective communication, nurturing individual well-being, and facilitating a shared sense of purpose, onboarding is crucial for success when working remotely.

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Swapcard's Remote Onboarding Blueprint

At Swapcard, there's an emphasis on flexibility and personalized interactions that ensure every team member feels heard, valued, and supported.

We make flexibility a core part of how we do things, allowing us to cater to individual preferences and adapt to diverse learning styles, and are committed to tailoring the onboarding journey for each team member, ensuring relevance and engagement. 

While we strategically implement the latest technologies to streamline the onboarding processes, our focus remains firmly on enhancing employee engagement through personalized interactions and support.

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Before Arrival: Meet the Team

At Swapcard, we value the power of meaningful connections from the outset, even before an employee's official first day. 

That's why we send new hires a personalized Typeform questionnaire. This isn't just any survey; it's an opportunity for new staff to share insights about themselves, their interests, and their personalities.

We use these responses to create a personalized introduction shared with the team. This approach ensures new teammates feel connected and familiar to their colleagues right from the start.

First Day: Onboarding Session with Aleix, Our People Business Partner

The first onboarding session gives new hires a first glimpse into Swapcard's mission, values, and the exciting journey that lies ahead.

During the initial onboarding session, new hires are guided by Aleix, our experienced People Business Partner. Aleix oversees the essential steps of setting up accounts and familiarizing teams with the tools and systems they will be using at Swapcard. 

We incorporate quizzes and games to ease first-day nerves and go beyond simply ticking off administrative tasks.

Second Day: An Immersion in Swapcard's Culture

On day two, Rafaelle, our Workplace Culture Manager, welcomes employees to an immersive culture onboarding.

At Swapcard, our culture is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our values—being Human, Ambitious, Resilient, Curious, and Open-minded. They shape our interactions and drive our success.

During this session, you'll gain deeper insights into what makes Swapcard a unique and inclusive community where everyone is empowered to thrive.

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First Week: Prioritizing Security and Connection

Security with Lucas, our IT Manager, is up next! The security onboarding session equips new joiners with the knowledge to navigate our systems securely.

Additionally, they'll have the opportunity to meet with their manager, teammates, and depending on the team, a designated buddy who will provide guidance and support as they acclimate to their new role and surroundings.

First Month: Embracing Community with Introduction Videos

As new Swapcardians start to settle into their role, we invite them to record an introduction video. These short videos allow new teammates to share their personalities and backgrounds with all Swapcradians.

We showcase these videos during our Monthly Meeting so that every team member, regardless of location, feels connected and valued.

Empowering New Joiners: Embracing Learning, Connection, and Feedback from Day One

Guided by our core values, we've tailored our onboarding process to emphasize learning, connection, and feedback from the very beginning. New joiners start with a series of one-on-one meetings with their managers and peers, which are designed to facilitate a smooth integration into the team and provide personalized support. This approach not only fosters direct connections but also encourages open communication, setting the stage for a successful and rewarding journey at Swapcard.

We also prioritize feedback and opinions from day one, ensuring that every voice is valued. We encourage new joiners to actively engage and contribute to Swapcard right from the start!

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Continuous Improvement: Enhancing Your Onboarding Experience

At Swapcard, we're committed to continually improving our onboarding process to ensure that every employee has the best possible experience. By prioritizing feedback and individualized support, we're dedicated to making our new joiner's onboarding experience at Swapcard as positive and enriching as possible. 

Satisfaction Surveys:
Satisfaction surveys are an excellent way to gauge employee experience and gather feedback. Every new joiner receives an invitation to complete a satisfaction survey at the end of their first day, first month, and 90-day mark.

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Check-ins with Aleix:

To provide personalized support and address any questions or concerns new employees may have, each new Swapcardian has check-ins with their dedicated People Business Partner.

These check-ins occur after 10 days and 30 days. These check-ins allow us to provide our new employees with support while also providing us with valuable feedback to improve our processes and continuously enhance employee experiences at Swapcard.


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Our aim is to continue to enhance our onboarding process, ensuring every new team member feels empowered and welcomed from day one.

We strive to have every new Swapcard teammate feel welcomed into a community that appreciates their uniqueness, supports their growth, and cheers for their successes.

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