5 Reasons to Attend REvolve: Designing Smarter Events on June 14th

Nobody can deny that the events world has changed.

  • Are your roles and missions changing, and do you sometimes feel left behind?
  • Are you struggling to prove the value of your events?
  • Is your team shrinking while your workload is increasing?

You're not alone.

Many eventprofs are wondering how to plan for an event venue when they can’t predict your attendee volume. They're wondering how to forecast the results of their next in-person event in an ever-changing environment. They're wondering how to stay on top of their event organizer role when things are moving so fast!


These are the challenges that we will be addressing at REvolve’s upcoming virtual experience on June 14th, 2022 at 11 AM EDT. The theme for this edition is Designing Smarter Events, and we’ve got major speakers lined up and ready to share their industry-leading insight with you.


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If you’re already a part of the community, we can’t wait for you join your fellow Evolvers for an even more engaging event than the last one. If you’re new here, welcome! We’re thrilled to invite you to join the Evolve Community, powered by Swapcard.

What started as a once-off virtual event in May 2020 has grown into a flourishing community of eventprofs that engage all year round through various virtual meet-ups. The Evolve Community hosts insightful, single-topic webinars on a monthly basis, runs a weekly mailer with the latest jobs and trends in the industry, and puts on flagship virtual events throughout the year.


5 reasons to attend REvolve on June 14th

1. Participate in exclusive conversations with speakers from Spotify, SAP, and more

You’ll get exclusive access to chat face-to-face with speakers from (company names) through our online roundtable function. This means you’ll essentially be in a live video call with them and can directly ask the speakers any questions you want!

Attendees will also get to ask live questions during the presentation and learn from their great experience. Register now so you don’t miss the chance to connect with these industry leaders and share in their knowledge.

2. Learn how Fortune 500 corporations are tackling the challenges of the post-pandemic world

With insightful sessions on our agenda, you’ll get to enjoy a unique learning opportunity designed specifically for eventprofs.

On stage at REvolve, you’ll hear major speakers sharing stories, real-world experiences, and real-life case studies from Spotify, SAP, and more that you’ll be able to draw key learnings from and apply to your next event.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from these leading companies and industry experts! Bring your pen and make sure to take notes.

3. See Swapcard’s latest features in action from the attendees’ perspective

When attending REvolve: Designing Smarter Events, you’ll be getting a first-hand look at some of our latest and greatest features. Swapcard’s technology has been continuously improving over the past few months. In case you missed it, we released two brand-new hybrid event features just a couple of weeks ago! (link to Swapcard ON recap blog post)

Curious about how these features that can blend the onsite and online attendee experience? You’ll be able to try out Swapcard’s hybrid features during this event!

We’ve also included dedicated feedback channels to gather all your suggestions during the event - and hopefully implement them in time for your next event!

4. Discover how to increase ROI as you return to hosting in-person events

The best way to increase profits as you return to in-person is to incorporate technology at your next event. You’ll learn how to do this during REvolve on June 14th.

Audience expectations have changed over the course of the pandemic. Offering the same old one-dimensional event experience to an increasingly tech-savvy and diverse audience just isn’t cutting it.

Instead, event organizers should take the advancements made in technology over the last two years and use them to run smarter, more profitable events in 2022. 


5. Master the art of smart events

Smart events are the way forward for the event industry. What is a smart event?

- Smart events use fewer resources to get better results
- Are built on results-driven strategies
- Hybrid models combine the best of both worlds without doubling costs

At REvolve: Designing Smarter Events, you’ll discover how important event design and technology are for delivering memorable (and profitable!) experiences in 2022 and beyond.

Learn what a smart event is, how it works, which tools and technology you need, how to sell this digital transformation to your audience, and more.

During REvolve, you’ll get insider tips on designing smarter events for your brand. Change can seem daunting at first, but at these sessions, you’ll discover just how easy and cost-effective a smart event actually is. An experienced partner helps as well!

All of these amazing learning and networking opportunities are available to you when you attend REvolve: Designing Smarter Events on Tuesday, June 14th at 11 am EDT.


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Annahita Mirsalari, Senior Content Writer
Annahita Mirsalari, Senior Content Writer

Annahita is a Senior Content Writer in Swapcard's marketing team. She's a foodie who travels often and loves cats.

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