5 Types of Smart In-Person Events: Which One is Right For Your Audience?

The events industry is seeing signs of a return to planning in-person events in regions where travel is opening up.

Many event planners are enthusiastic about getting back to their old business models. But with the lessons that our industry has learned over the past two years, going back to pre-pandemic events would be a mistake. Instead, event organizers should take the advancements made in technology over the last two years and use them to run smarter, more profitable events in 2022.

This free guide aims to demystify the concept of smart or hybrid events. You’ll learn why it’s important to move forward with a new event model, instead going back to running events like we did in 2009.

What you’ll find inside:

  • A summary of what a “smart event” is and why you need to be embracing the smart model
  • 5 types of smart events broken down to demystify the concept of hybrid
  • Real-life, successful case studies and examples of each type of hybrid event

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