ExpoFP & Swapcard Partner for Enhanced Trade Show Experience

Interactive floor plans provider ExpoFP and Event technology platform Swapcard announce a new partnership, serving trade show organizers looking to streamline event operations and enhance revenue opportunities. This collaboration, complemented by blue dot navigation from Crowd Connected, integrates event technology software with digital floor plans and wayfinding. The platform has both web and mobile versions.

The tech saves valuable time in event management processes. Due to the integration, all information about exhibitors is automatically updated, ensuring that visitors will consistently have access to the latest version of a floor plan. This eliminates the need for managers to contact the support team every time there are changes to the floor plan or exhibitor information. 

One of the standout features of this partnership is the potential to increase opportunities for revenue generation. 

Swapcard's sponsorship features include page promotions, strategically placed advertisements, sponsored sessions, and push notifications, offering organizers the opportunity to earn up to 40% more on sponsorship packages, depending on the level of sponsorship and features included.

ExpoFP complements this with sponsorship options such as featured listings and logo placement in booths and headers, with an average earning of $20,000 USD per event for organizers. These options can be included in sponsorship packages.

"Event organizers understand the importance of making wise financial decisions, given the challenges of the post-pandemic landscape and the constraints of reduced marketing budgets. That's why we've introduced these sponsorship options and encourage all event organizers to use them," says Ross Sudentas, CEO of ExpoFP.

See the partnership in action on the 6th-8th of February at ICE Gaming London 2024. This leading gaming tech event will be the first chance to see Swapcard and ExpoFP working together, complemented by location software services from Crowd Connected. Together, they deliver a location-aware mobile app with an interactive floor plan and blue dot wayfinding. 

“Our collaboration with ExpoFP is enhancing attendee experiences for in-person trade shows. Leveraging their specialized map solution, we ensure seamless navigation and precise wayfinding, improving engagement and fostering networking interactions onsite. This partnership accelerates map building, granting event organizers unparalleled autonomy. It highlights our commitment to remaining a leader in industry innovation, ensuring we provide our clients with the most advanced and modern event solutions through Swapcard's event technology platform", says Baptiste Boulard, CEO of Swapcard.

Swapcard and ExpoFP's continued collaboration on international trade shows marks a significant step toward the digitalization of the events industry.

About ExpoFP

ExpoFP is an interactive floor plan provider that aims to locate and reserve booths, gain extra income with sponsorship options, and make navigation at a trade show easy. Floor plans by ExpoFP are used by IMEX, Gitex Africa, CWIEME Berlin, Money 20/20, Google Cloud, and other trade shows all over the world. 

About Crowd Connected

Crowd Connected  intelligently gathers, processes, and analyzes location data from mobile phone apps and smart tags on a strict first-party-only basis. To date, the technology has handled almost 3 billion location observations. The company’s software solutions deliver real-time positioning, wayfinding, crowd tracking, footfall analytics and other location-based insight, geofencing, and personalization.

Organizations spread across 30 countries, from multinational entertainment brands to the operators of individual premises, license Crowd Connected’s technology to optimize the physical customer experience.

Bhavya Sharma
Bhavya Sharma

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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