Why Hyatt Chose Swapcard: Technology & Human Connection, A Success Story

Back in November, we were lucky enough to meet up with one of our biggest partners on the IMEX America show floor. Steve Enselein, SVP Events at Hyatt Hotels Corporation, sat down to talk about their labor of love, embracing a hybrid model and upskilling their teams to become tech-savvy. Check out the full video below.

“We did exhaustive research. There are plenty of options out there for a hybrid platform. We started with around 70 and quickly, Swapcard rose to the top of our potential partners.” 

- Steve Enselein, SVP Events at Hyatt Hotels Corporation


Steve spoke about the importance of bringing the best of both worlds to their hotels for clients and meeting participants and how they use technology to boost interaction and connection between attendees near and far.


“Swapcard is easy to use, it allows for great collaboration, there are great sponsor and exhibitor monetization opportunities, and we were drawn to the simplicity of the platform. - Steve Enselein


Steve also mentioned how they built two all-new teams: the Hybrid Event Experts and the Hyatt Support Squad, trained by Swapcard and now experts on the backend of the platform, who assist clients in building their events with the help of technology.


“We liked the technology but, equally important, we liked the people connection with Swapcard.” Steve Enselein


“Swapcard has the same interests we do - you don’t see yourself as just a virtual platform, but as an opportunity to enhance the meeting experience.” - Steve Enselein

Hyatt trusts Swapcard with their hybrid events. You should, too.

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