Hybrid Events Are About Inclusivity, Not the Label!

Bob Chain, Strategic Accounts Manager at Swapcard, spoke to Maggie Barton Baird, Head of Events at Jobber, at IMEX America 2021 about the way planning and organizing events has evolved since Covid-19, but more importantly, the inclusive way she approaches hybrid events.

I think there’s a radical inclusion that comes with hybrid.

- Maggie Barton Baird, Head of Events at Jobber

Maggie talks about breaking away from rigid definitions of hybrid events and instead focusing on what they can offer attendees - inclusivity and creativity. As she and her team plan out their event strategy for 2022, she talks about the way hybrid events have made it possible to appeal to larger and more diverse audiences while also allowing her to be more creative in the planning process. 

If you’ve been thinking about going hybrid but are still looking for inspiration, you’ll want to hear what Maggie has to say! 

You can watch the full interview video here

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