Community as an Event Strategy with Endless Events’ Kyle Kocinski

“The community model is an event model that many aren’t exactly sure how to start up.” 


Drawing from his experience with both in-person and digital communities, Kyle Kocinski of Endless Events joins Swapcard’s own Un Yavanian to share their collective insight on the future of communities within the events industry. 


The key takeaway? Communities are a natural extension of the event experience.

Kyle discusses “creative ways to intertwine your in-person and digital experiences by molding your event strategy toward a community,” as well as the pros and cons of the community approach. 

One of the biggest pros: empowering your stakeholders to make a bigger impact in your event and organizational strategy. One of the biggest cons: having to constantly come up with creative ways to consistently capture stakeholders' interest. Kyle goes on to share more recommendations you’ll want to hear about.

When it comes to hybrid events, Un discusses how to work with clients to identify the best ways to connect in-person and virtual audiences and translating that into a thriving community. It starts with a marketing calendar to identify key touchpoints between your audiences, with key milestones along the way before culminating in the major hallmark event.

If you’re having any anxiety about starting a community or using a community platform, Kyle notes that most planners may not recognize that they have a strong community built already. A community platform simply serves as “a new tool for your organization to funnel their engagements throughout the year.”

As for monetizing communities, both Un and Kyle have lots of ideas on how to best mobilize community members, with Un drawing from her experience to explain “what works and what doesn’t for both your partners and your members.”

As Kyle puts it best, “so long as you're staying true to your mission throughout your events and your community, then your members, they'll stay true to you.”

Tune into this week’s episode and learn all there is to know about events and communities. You’ll want to hear this!

To find out more about how to launch your event community with Endless Events, visit their website.

Feel free to reach out and connect with Kyle to continue the community conversation! 

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