Koelnmesse embraces the digital revolution with Swapcard

At UFI Xchange recently, Baptiste Boulard, CEO & Co-Founder of Swapcard, and Patrick Woelke, VP of Digital at Koelnmesse GmbH, discussed their successful partnership and shared key takeaways and important insight drawn from Koelnmesse's experience adopting a digital strategy. 

Baptiste begins the discussion by sharing his long-term vision on the future of events, including the benefits of investing in an all-in-one digital platform like Swapcard to help create immersive event experiences. He goes on to talk about the benefits of embracing a digital strategy and how it can boost ROI for exhibitors and organizers, with Koelnmesse being the prime example of a company that has achieved success with such a strategy.

Patrick then shares insight on their partnership and how with support from Swapcard,  they have been able to achieve key results with their digital strategy. Drawing from his recent experience, he goes on to share helpful tips and best practices for tradeshows about embracing change and why becoming more data-driven and digital can help propel your event and brand. 

You can watch the full discussion here

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