Swapcard Unveils Game-Changing Registration Upgrades for Events

Swapcard, a leading event management and revenue generation platform is thrilled to announce a series of transformative enhancements to its registration module. These enhancements are designed to revolutionize the event registration experience for organizers and attendees, especially at small and medium-sized events.

With these updates, Swapcard continues to deliver on the vision of democratizing the registration experience for all event organizers, regardless of size or budget.

Key features of the new registration module:

Unified Registration System

Swapcard Registration is easy to use and self-serve, where anyone can build and launch custom forms with drag and drop functionality in minutes.

“Our mission is to save valuable time for organizers who often manage events with limited resources. We envision a future where registration becomes a seamless and stress-free process via our easy-to-use platform, which empowers them to focus on what truly matters: crafting memorable events,” said Baptiste Boulard, CEO of Swapcard.

Offering flexible pricing structures for different ticket types and a built-in payment collection system for paid-ticket events, the process becomes exponentially efficient for organizers and attendees.

With an intuitive interface, the registration setup, deployment, and management process requires less set-up time and consolidates registration data in one place without adding unnecessary integrations.

Customizable Experience

Swapcard’s registration module is fully customizable to ensure it aligns with every brand's image. Organizers can now showcase unique event identities and brands without expensive support and setup fees.

Furthermore, they can tailor the entire system to the needs of each event’s audience, ensuring a quick and streamlined registration experience from start to finish, including the option to embed the form directly on their website.

During the event, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors will continue to enjoy custom experiences. Their personalized hub features AI-driven suggestions for sessions, networking, and lead generation, all seamlessly integrated through the event app.

Efficient Check-In Onsite

First impressions mean everything. As check-in is the first touchpoint at any in-person event, Swapcard ensures that the check-in process is smooth and efficient. Organizers can streamline the check-in process by allowing badge scans from the mobile app and print-at-home badges for every attendee, ensuring a hassle-free experience at the event.

“We've seen event registration drop-off rates skyrocket,” said Godefroy des Francs, Chief Product Officer of Swapcard, “Our goal is to streamline the process for both organizers and attendees, ensuring a smoother registration journey. This marks the shift from cumbersome legacy systems to a new era of attendee-focused event registration, and Swapcard is proud to lead the way."

Swapcard's new registration module is not just an upgrade; it's a reimagining. It's Swapcard's vision of what registration should be: affordable, fully integrated, and without the need for multiple integrations or additional support.

To learn how Swapcard can elevate your next event, visit https://www.swapcard.com/registration

Matt Snodgrass
Matt Snodgrass

Director of Social and Community

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