New Research: How To Close Business Deals At A Virtual Event, According To Data

When is the best time to network? How long should your virtual event last in order to maximize business opportunities? How do you close more business?

The business events industry is trying to find answers to these burning questions. 

We took a deep dive into hundreds of virtual events, analyzed the data, and discovered the keys to closing more business with virtual events. 


About the Research

The research presents the results of an analysis of virtual events that took place on the Swapcard platform in 2020. The analysis only includes conferences and trade shows with a minimum of 1,000 attendees and held in a virtual format.

The data is based on:

  • 461 virtual events that took place between April and December 2020
  • 661 total days of content
  • 51,843 total exhibitors
  • 1,608,060 total attendees
  • 39.55% average of active attendees
  • 5,480,786 total leads generated at virtual trade shows
  • 825,361 total leads generated at virtual conferences

The Findings

The dataset offered insight into the most pressing questions the events and meetings industry is facing:

  1. When is the right time to close business during a virtual event? 
  2. What is the most effective sponsorship tactic to generate leads? 
  3. What are the most common mistakes that prevent exhibitors from closing business deals?
  4. What is the optimal length of events for creating the most business opportunities? 
  5. What is the most effective sales technique?

To read more, download the full report for free.



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