Exhibitor Insights From the Floor of a Hybrid Event

Throwback to ETL 2021, which was exactly what hybrid is supposed to be - people from all over experiencing the same awesome content and immersive experience of the event. Join David, Bob, and Mia from the Swapcard team as they take you on a tour of the Event Tech Live 2021 show floor! 

“I think [hybrid] is a necessity.” - Tamar Beck, CEO Gleanin

Watch as they spontaneously interview attendees onsite and ask them to share their favorite and most surprising parts about being back on the show floor, how they connected with attendees at home, and why hybrid offers a complete event experience. 

Relive the fun of ETL 2021 here and see why hybrid is the way of the future. 

Are you curious about running your own hybrid event? Talk to us and see why Swapcard is the best platform for all your hybrid needs.

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