WTF is Hybrid!? Real-World Tips to Boost Networking

Swapcard’s Head of Content, Mia Masson, met with Indra Tinot-Patole, Digital Project Manager at France Digitale, and had a lively discussion on the realities of going hybrid. Indra shared the real-world knowledge she’s gained from running hybrid events and had all sorts of insight about hybrid networking, ROI, logistics, and more! 

“It's about a shared experience…we want to be able to connect people and give them the opportunity to network and [have] business opportunities.”  - Indra Tinot-Patole, Digital Project Manager at France Digitale

Indra explains how France Digitale executed a successful hybrid event that saw over 4,000 messages exchanged between participants on their Swapcard-powered platform. She shares the importance of an all-in-one community and event platform in powering a hybrid event, tips on boosting hybrid networking and business opportunities, and how to prepare logistically for a hybrid event.

The fact that the content continues to live on the platform months after the event ended has also helped France Digitale build a 365-day community. Tune in and see why going hybrid has paid off for France Digitale! 

You can watch the full interview video here.

Are you running hybrid events? See why Swapcard is the best platform for all your hybrid needs.

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