WTF is Hybrid!? Maggie Shares Tips Based on Real Experience

Maggie Barton-Baird, Senior Marketing Manager of Events at Jobber, met up with Swapcard’s Head of Content, Mia Masson, to dish on the details about networking, cost, ROI and more after the experience of running a large-scale hybrid event.  

“Is this hybrid or isn’t it? I don’t care. I’m an event planner, I know how to create experiences, and that’s what matters.”

- Maggie Barton Baird, Senior Marketing Manager of Events at Jobber

Maggie talks about the cross-Canada hub-and-spoke hybrid event she ran with 3,000+ attendees and lets us know how her event design helped all the attendees feel connected despite being miles apart. She’s also got some helpful tips on budgeting, attracting sponsors, and the logistics of running such a large-scale hybrid event. If you’ve been thinking about a similar event format, you’ll want to hear what she has to say! 

You can watch the full interview video here.

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