How Informa Is Hosting 30,000-Strong In-Person Events With Hayley Haggarty

How do you keep 30,000 people safe at an in-person event post-COVID?

With lots of planning, apparently.

In the latest episode of Inside Events, Hayley joined the Swapcard team to talk about opening up safely as she and her team prepare for Informa’s upcoming 30,000-person physical event.

Her tips and advice didn’t disappoint.

In the podcast, Hayley detailed the challenges and requirements of opening up safely. This includes one-way aisles on the show floor to avoid crowds and increased surveillance on the food and beverage structure.

She dishes on how this event is different to pre-COVID events, and discusses how marketing tactics have changed since 2019. Hayley breaks down the safety measures they’re putting in place, including a so-called “COVID manager”! 

Hayley also mentions how Informa is using data and analytics to plan for the future, an interesting conversation!

Julius dismisses the idea of a paper badge or vaccine proof, saying "We're in 2021, we can't be walking around with bits of paper that are so easy to forge!"

Listen to the podcast episode now to learn from Informa's comeback to in-person events and take away some best practices for marketing, logistics and the future of events.

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