Strategies to Boost Engagement with Scott Gould on the Podcast

“I think that events are actually one of the main driving forces of engagement.” Scott Gould, Keynote speaker

This episode of Inside Events is dedicated to the concept of engagement. Scott Gould, keynote speaker and engagement specialist, sits down with our very own Bob Chain to take a deep dive into all things engagement. Specifically, how engagement at events can be improved and how that can also translate into building a strong and active community.

The conversation begins with a discussion about the science of engagement and the role that psychology plays in understanding engagement. From there Scott explains how togetherness and engagement work hand-in-hand, and how important this is for event planners to remember.

Scott goes on to explain that when it comes to virtual engagement, the disconnect between the virtual experience and the on-site experience isn’t because the event is virtual. It’s because on-site engagement was already misunderstood to begin with, which is why creativity is needed to deliver an engaging virtual event experience. He then shares some of his ideas on how event planners can think outside-the-box and bolster engagement at their virtual events. 

When it comes to events and community building, Scott explains that, “the community serves as the coaching environment, the ongoing environment for the value of the event to live.” This is an important point for event organizers to remember as they start building their communities. 

For Scott, community building and community engagement are worthwhile investments that shouldn’t be considered afterthoughts. As he puts it, “It's about people who really have a heart for connecting people together, triangulating them throughout this community, pulling people from the community to add to the richness of the event.” 

Events and community work hand-in-hand when it comes to engagement and building a thriving and active audience base. Scott reminds the listener to go beyond the “typical techniques”  and invest in building your community in a way that goes beyond a simple financial investment. Find out what makes your community valuable and build on that.

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