Let’s Talk Hybrid & Tackling the Climate Crisis with Anna Abdelnoor

When the Swapcard team was in London for Event Tech Live, we had the chance to speak with Anna Abdelnoor, Co-founder and CEO of isla, the event industry’s sustainability body. Mia Masson, Swapcard’s Head of Content, asked Anna important questions about sustainability, the future of the events industry, and how hybrid plays into that. 

“Hybrid allows us to adapt to the world around us as we’re changing.”

Anna Abdelnoor, CEO and Co-Founder of isla

Anna discusses the green benefits of running a hybrid event, including expanding an event’s global reach while decreasing its carbon footprint. One of the most interesting takeaways is the idea of purposeful data and how powerful it is for both shaping the event experience and understanding your carbon impact

You can watch the full interview video here.

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