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WTF is Hybrid

After hundreds of conversations with some of the biggest event planners in the world, Chris has a unique perspective on the future of hybrid events.

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From Virtual Events to Communities

Swapcard CEO Baptiste Boulard believes that the future of events is a hybrid strategy combining in-person and virtual aspects to build and engage a...

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Swapcard Reaches Global Agreement with Informa

Leading AI-Powered All-in-One Hybrid and Virtual Events Platform Selected as PreferredPlatform Partner for Informa’s Exhibitions and Trade Shows

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Virtual Event Platforms: The 2021 Guide

Event planners, you CAN generate a better response than the average by using a virtual event platform capable of serving all your needs. Here's how.

Event Experiences

50 Awesome Virtual Event Ideas for 2021

Scroll through this list of 50 virtual event ideas that will actually work - based on tried and tested event practices!